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Coaching You to the Marriage of Your Dreams

mrs. tenisha n. collins

~ Author ~  Editor ~ Speaker ~ Marriage Coach ~

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Author Speaker Marriage Coach

Coaching You to the Marriage of Your Dreams

About Me

MEet The CEO.

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With a lifelong passion for clear communication, I founded Collins, Ink. Professional Proofreading Services in 2008. My commitment to language extends beyond proofreading; I'm also a published author, with my second book achieving Amazon Bestseller status. Today, my focus is sharing these skills by helping couples strengthen their relationships and build the marriages they dream of.

  • Dedicated: Complete commitment to helping YOU create a godly, strong marriage.
  • Enthusiastic: Passionate about sharing my 30 year marriage journey to help others.
  • Architected:  CEO & Chief Editor for  Collins, Ink. Professional Proofreading Services, Staff Editor for Writer's Block Press.

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You really can have the marriage of your dreams.

Work With Me

My services.

My expertise lies in relationship dynamics, communication strategies, and family systems. I provide coaching, public speaking, and manuscript editing services tailored to strengthen relationships and refine written works.

  • Editor: Making your written works a professional work of art.
  • Speaker: Passionately sharing biblical principles and practical application to equip couples to build & maintain the marriage of their dreams.
  • Coach: Empowering couples to build and maintain a godly, strong marriage.


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Discover the tools for a strong, fulfilling marriage! My books aren't just words on a page; they're carefully crafted guides designed to deepen your connection and ignite lasting growth. Whether you're seeking practical strategies, insightful exercises, or a touch of inspiration, you'll find something that speaks to your specific needs. Explore my books and merchandise today and take the first step towards the vibrant marriage you deserve!


Whether you're newlyweds, seasoned partners, or parents navigating life's challenges, you'll find a book to enhance your relationship. Browse my collection today and discover the tools to create the loving family life you envision.

Coaching Sessions

Ready to transform your relationship from ordinary to extraordinary? Book a coaching session with me and unlock the secrets to deeper connection, better communication, and a more fulfilling marriage.

Tees & Crews

Stay cozy and show off your faith with one of our stylish tees, crews, or hoodies! Featuring biblical designs and soft, premium fabrics, they're perfect for curling up with a good book or sharing your passion with the world.

Bibles & Accessories

Explore the beauty and meaning of scripture with our curated collection of Bibles and inspiring accessories.

A Stronger Marriage Starts Here

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 Looking for relationship advice, an inspiring book, or just a good laugh? Head over to my YouTube channel for a mix of engaging videos that will help you create the marriage of your dreams!


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